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NSAC Subcommittee on Relativistic Heavy Ions

June 2-6, 2004

Brookhaven National Laboratory

Physics Department

Large Seminar Room

Upton, NY, USA

General Information

The NSAC Subcommittee reviewing Heavy Ion Nuclear Physics will hold a public meeting to discuss the research program and facilities issues in the United States and abroad. The scope of the review addresses the evolution of the heavy ion physics program over the next ten to fifteen years as well as formulation of specific budget scenarios for the period 2006-2010. It includes exploration of the future research opportunities at RHIC, the LHC, and GSI as well as an assessment of the computer capability needed by the community. The NSAC charge and the membership of the Subcommittee is available below.

The Subcommittee is holding a public meeting to explore all these issues and to invite public input. This public meeting and associated executive meetings of the Subcommittee will be held on June 2-6, 2004. The public sessions will be held on Wednesday to Friday in the Large Seminar Room in the Physics Department of Brookhaven National Laboratory. In addition to formal presentations, a town meeting style session will be held to accept input from the community for consideration by the Subcommittee. An agenda for the meeting will appear on this web site as it becomes available.


For additional information about the meeting logistics contact: Tom Ludlam or Liz Mogavero

For additional information about the agenda and subcommittee procedures contact: Peter Barnes